Monday, August 30, 2010

I hope this is it

I think and I hope, even pray, that I have found the last piece to the puzzle when it comes to my recovery from yasmin (birth control).

It is hard to know for sure, and before testing I can still only hope and pray, but I think that I have excess estrogen and not enough progesterone in my body and that combination is making me gain weight simply by blocking my perfectly healthy thyroid to perform what it is supposed to do. And that will make the body store estrogen in the fat tissue making it even harder to lose, and will keep me feel like I have blood sugar issues. I say that it makes me feel like I have blood sugar issues because I feel really shaky and warm from some kind of foods high in sugar but every time I test my blood sugar, it is perfectly normal...

And I have stopped looking for answer at the doctor's office. If my thyroid test comes back normal then it is 'just me' and I have to 'get used to my new body'. Well gaining 25 lbs in less that 2 years (where over 15lbs happened in just 2 months) is NOT normal no matter if I still look like a 'normal' woman. Even the most ignorant person should notice that... but no... unless I am half dead no one will even pretend to be concerned. 

I would LOVE to hear from anyone that have tried natural progesterone cream, both good and bad experiences are welcome. Please?


  1. I will be curious to see how this works out for you - keep us posted! I think I am short on both estrogen and progesterone, personally, and slightly too high on testosterone (because of the acne, though it's been way better lately.) I don't have enough estrogen to stop the breakouts and I don't have enough progesterone to make my luteal phase (2nd phase of the month post ovulation) a normal length. It is currently almost normal - 10-11 days; used to be as low as 6-8.

  2. Hey Robin, I will definitely keep you updated on this. I am waiting my period any day now and from that day I can start counting my days. I am planning to follow this schedule for my first 2 months:
    Day 1-6 No cream
    Day 7-27 1/4 teaspoon per day

    And then we will see how I change it around.
    If I will have to increase the dose on my last 6 days to 1/2 teaspoon or if I can even drop down to start on day 13 instead. Time will tell but I am curious to see what happens.
    I might even try some DHEA.