Monday, February 13, 2012

2012 Candie Ink Re-Launch

Yup.. it is time. 
I have been thinking about it for a while. 
Now I have finally gotten my ducks in a row. 
What do you think about my 5 first prints?? 

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November Challenge

Hi everyone.

I have just started my 4 week November challenge and I thought that maybe some of you wanted to join me in it. For the months of November and December it is not very wise to have a food restriction challenge, due to the upcoming holidays. But what about a little exercise challenge?!

For 4 weeks ONLY this is what I want you to do EVERY DAY (or at least that is what I will do):
Week 1 - 25 pushups + 20 min Cardio + 100 situps
Week 2 - 50 pushups + 20 min Cardio + 100 situps
Week 3 - 75 pushups + 30 min Cardio + 100 situps
Week 4 - 100 pushups + 40 min Cardio + 100 situps

This will add up to:
Total Pushups - 1750
Minutes of Cardio - 770
Total Situps - 2800

Let me know if you are GAME by commenting below. 

Monday, October 31, 2011

Breast Cancer 2011

It is predicted that about 230,000 women in the US will get diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2011, and about 40,000 will die from the disease. Besides for being a woman, age is the second highest risk factor (1). Most women that receive the diagnose, develops the disease after menopause which is linked to hormone changes in the body.  Without the menstrual cycle the body no longer produces progesterone in adequate amounts and allows the estrogen levels to rise above preferred levels in comparison - a high risk factor for developing Breast Cancer. Using natural progesterone cream is one way of preventing the horrifying diagnose.(3)

Vitamin D also has a crucial role in preventing Breast Cancer. We can see this in numbers that shows there are less Breast Cancer diagnoses during the summer months, and that Breast cancer more often hit women in the Northeast compared to the sunny Southwest. The sunlight is our most important natural provider of vitamin D as the body transforms the UV-radiation into Vitamin D in the skin. Studies have shown that Vitamin D blood levels over 40ng/ml (100mmol/l) will lower the risk of Breast Cancer with 30%. And many cancer centers today are giving patients 5,000 IU (125 mcg) of Vitamin D3 a day to boost their immune system.(2) 

Get enough sleep! Melatonin production has been linked to reduced risk of breast cancer. Melatonin is a hormone that is being released while you are sleeping. However, the hormone can only be produced under completely darkness, so sleeping with the TV on or a light somewhere will inhibit the very important hormone from being produced.(2)

While there are many risk factors linked to developing Breast Cancer not much is said about what affects the outcome. Many studies have shown that blood type is highly linked to Breast Cancer outcome in the following matter:

Blood type O – Slightly degree of resistance, and lower risk of death
Blood type A – Higher risk, worse outcomes, and more rapid progression (Type A is overly represented in Brest Cancer victims)
Blood type B – Slight degree of resistance, and lower risk of death unless there is a family history of breast cancer, higher risk of recurrence
Blood type AB – Higher risk, worse outcomes, and more rapid progression(4)

General recommendations on diets are often given in order to prevent Cancer and other diseases. While we all need to eat more vegetables and fruits it is also important to understand that not all ‘good’ food is good for everyone. Different people thrive on different nutrition based on our genetic history; food can either make your immune system stronger or weaker. To blindly following a, for example: “no red meat and more whole wheat” recommendation can be destructive for some, while wonderful for others.(4)

Men also have a slight risk of developing breast cancer, although very uncommon. About 2,000 men is predicted to get the diagnose in the US in 2011 and most of them will be between the age of 65 and 67. Men usually get the diagnose further into the development of the disease as men are less likely to have it medically examined as early as women does.(1)

Increasing your awareness of breast cancer might save you from getting the dreaded diagnose, or help you recover from it. Make sure you take advantage of the knowledge you are given. __________________________________________
(1) Susan G. Komen for the Cure, 2011
(2) Vitamin D Council, 2011
(3) Dr. John R. Lee M.D. “Hormone Balance Made Simple”, 2006
(4) Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo “Live Right For Your Type”, 2001

Sunday, October 30, 2011

In the Making

Working on getting the Yasmin & Yaz tee off to the printers. 
Here is what it will look like: 

A link to where you can order it will be here shortly!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

And the WINNER is...

A great number of votes have come in and the winning t-shirt wording was suggested by Martha!!!
Very creative - she will be getting a free t-shirt as promised!!!

Ordering procedures and price to follow soon...

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Yasmin & Yaz T-shirt Suggestions

Hello Ladies,

As so many of you have suffered from the birth control Yasmin and Yaz, or know someone who has. It is time we speak up. Here is a collection of t-shirt samples gathered by the suggestions of the women out there who is fighting to get their lives back.

We will ONLY SELECT ONE style t-shirt, except for when we are pill specific then we will have two (one for yasmin and one for yaz). So please submit your vote by making a comment here or send an email to on what t-shirt you like the best! Please respond by August 1, 2011

Once all the votes are in I will publish the result and we can start the pre-order process! 










Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fabulous in a few months!

Hey Guys!
It's been a while. I have been busy writing in my Blood Type Diet Blog that I have dedicated my new lifestyle to. My life has completely transformed! If you knew me back in December and saw me today you would not recognize me.

I have lost 10 lbs and I am fighting to break the 169 lbs mark, something I think will happen this week! I go to the gym 5-6 times a week. I have a personal trainer who kicks my a** when needed... No, let's correct that: I have a personal trainer who kicks my a** ALWAYS! I have almost no health issues anymore - and that is by far the biggest step, something I had almost lost hope on getting back.

My energy is top notch, my skin is almost 100%, my IBS issues are GONE, and I feel like a new ME! Not even a great old me - A fabulous NEW me!!

Sending you all many hugs!

Friday, February 18, 2011

4 weeks improvement

So it has been 4 weeks since my first Nutrition Response Testing. As you might remember I had a major issue with my large intestine. Within 3 days of following the recommended supplements and also taking my new love FitLine I felt a difference. Yes, in THREE days!

Today, 4 weeks later I got the ticket of my large intestine being 100% recovered! I am so excited. My toilet visits are nicer and my acne is so much better!

Now my body is ready to start working on the next layer: Today we started to work on my cerebellum - hopefully with that my body can start to shed even more weight for my upcoming trip to Mexico in a few weeks. To see pictures of my 30 day update of following the bloodtype diet, taking FitLine "Cell energy", doing nutrition response testing, and exercising. Click here: One day at a time to perfect health

I am so happy that I have completely cut myself off from the traditional health care world, now I can finally heal my body and soul for real and all natural - the way my body intended.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

FitLine - Boost your body's nutrition absorption!

I figured I would share some information about FitLine, the products I have been taking since late December 2010.

FitLine is a German company that produces and sells supplements through network distribution. The US headquarter is located outside Pittsburg, PA. Many of their products are world patented for their delivery system technology. The products are produced so that it can be absorbed by the body both faster and better, and therefore the amounts does not have to be as high as they are in regular pills. The body can absorb about 20% of a pill; with this absorption technology the body will be absorbing about 80%+ of what you are taking!!! A far better and more advanced approached then what we can get from the numerous of pills and brands at the drug store.

FitLine has many products ranging from weight management products and protein to vitamin and mineral supplements as well as more targeted supplements for heart health or similar. On the surface some of their products may look like any other low potent multivitamin product, but what separates them from the rest is the great delivery and absorption system.

And on a personal level – these products beats them all when it comes to taste! I actually drink my morning mix as my breakfast juice; it is really THAT good. All of their supplements are either in powder form that you mix with water or liquid drops that you mix with water.

Cell Energy
One of their pack products is called the Cell Energy Pack. It contains three products called Activize, Basics, and Restorate and from my perspective they include everything a person needs every day on a first level. Activize is the activating vitamin mix, filled with vitamin B’s and antioxidants to keep you going the whole day. Basics is the basic nutrition your body needs for a good digestive system, including fiber and probiotics. Restorate is the product that is filled with minerals and vitamins that restore your body over the night and getting it ready for a new day. The Basics and Activize is taken in the morning for best effect and Restorate in the evening. You can also take Activize throughout the day if you need an extra boost sometime.  
To learn more about these products or other products available at FitLine, visit my website at

You can live anywhere in the world to place an order, it does not have to be in the US. You can select to buy the products on a one time basis (Quick Order) or you can choose to have the products delivered to your address once a month (Autoship). Off course you also have the opportunity to become a distributor, and something I recommend if you are going to have the products delivered to you every month – just in case you like it so much and feel like sharing it with your friends and family. That way you can work towards getting your products for free and soon maybe also be getting some secondary income from this venue. It is all up to you! :)

Send me an email if you have any questions and I will be happy to help you. 

If you chose to call the company directly at 1(800) 686-1760 make sure to mention my Team Partner number 6098012. 

And if you already decided to go for it and sign up as a distributor just go to this website and fill out the information and you are good to go (you can also send me an email so I know) (Off course you can end your membership at any time).

I can only speak for myself - but I really like these products.

Friday, January 28, 2011

My first NRT visit

So, last Saturday I had my first Nutrition Response Testing; an experience I have a hard time describing. It is so strange to me that my body can "speak" to the NRT technician with so little effort... My body did not only tell her what my issues were, but also what it needed in order to heal properly.

The part where my body told her what supplements it needed and how much of it, it wanted was over the top for me... It was a little too much "hallelujah" for this non-religious mind. But that didn't stop me. I decided right then and there to at least try it, if it works who cares how it works!!!

It is almost like the fact that just because we can't see it doesn't mean it is not there. And that is the way I have chosen to look at this experience.

My liver, stomach, and large intestine was the three organs that needed help and just how I just described how I look at my body as an onion, so did my body. It wanted me to focus on the most distressed organ first, which happened to be my large intestine. So now I am on a detox, some artichoke drops, high potency pro-biotics, digestive support, and some kind of yeast. And off course I am still on my blood type diet, something they were maybe 70% for and 30% against. They wanted me to not eat any soy products,  and east some red meat a few times a week - and for now that is an advice I am going to ignore as I wanted to give the blood type diet at least one month. And so far it is wonderful!!!

Back to the NRT. Their promise is that you should improve 30-50% every week (if following their supplement regimen).. so for my next appointment on February 4th I should at least be 60% healed.. That is a very EXCITING thought.. now we just have to hope that it is going to be that way!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Like an onion

I have stared to look at my body as an onion... with MANY layers. Each layer represent an issue and not until the first layer/issue has been resolved can we work on the second layer and so forth. Each issue is not equal to a specific symptom; which is something that is easily forgotten - as we are normally treated for symptoms and not the underlying issue. A series of symptoms can come from the same issue and the tricky part is to figure out the REAL underlying issue.

Each body is unique. We all have our own little list...
Our issues may be related to hormone imbalance, poor digestion, diet, family history, allergies, poor nutrition absorption, or whatever else our body can think of... the only issue is that our symptoms may not lead us to the real cause. Poor digestion my look like acne on the surface... just to give you a crazy example...

So after using myself as a guinea pig for over a year now I have decided to get some help. I have decided to try nutrition response testing, something I should have been doing a long time ago - but there is no time like the present right? I have my first appointment on Saturday and I am both scared and excited to hear what is going on. (For those of you who don't know I am still struggling very hard with my weight, something I NEVER had an issue with before, and I have bad acne on my face). It may sound like small issues, but after a year those extra pounds (20lbs to be exact) is no small issue anymore.

I have completely changed up on my diet - from being on a low carb diet for as much as I have been able to handle, to getting into what is called the Blood Type Diet. A diet based on your blood type. I am still not convinced it is the best way, but I am willing to give it a try, mostly because it is so different from what I have been eating (I am a type A and have been eating more like a type O).

So, ok ok.. I am still trying.. can't give up on HOPE right?!
Anyway... I just wanted to say hi, share some thoughts, and also see if there are any one of you who have tried the Nutrition Response Testing and the blood type diet who would be willing to share?

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Another Sex and the City Dress

A dinner and a few sips of some red wine I have now decided to go with yet another Carrie dress for the wedding next month. I even found it for sale.. for a mere $325! It is a Halston Heritage dress.

I think I will be going to JoAnn's or if I am lucky I might have time to go to NYC and Mood next week to find a good fabric.

So this will be the dress - I have no pattern but I think I should be able to figure it out...
Color, not sure.. blue is in my head right now. It will not be peach... peach is just not my color

It's Wedding time

Going to a wedding in about one month and I have NO idea what I am going to ware. It is a very traditional catholic wedding, if anyone can give me some tips. See the only real wedding I have been to as been my own wedding and since that wedding was a backyard wedding / BBQ / Pool Party - there was no really dress code. People came the way they felt like, some in dresses and some in shorts and t-shirts.

But this one is FORMAL. I have really no clue what to ware. I have a black dress in the closet, but I am afraid I can't ware it anymore, and also questioning if it is a bit too short?!

And I watched the Sex and the City 2 Movie just a few days ago and I am absolutely obsessed with two of Carrie's outfits:

Are any of them appropriate for a formal wedding???
I especially LOVE the purple dress from the scene at the spice market...

Monday, January 10, 2011


Last night I was laying in bed trying to come up with a good post for this blog... but everything in my mind is blood type diet related and since I already opened a new blog for that I don't see a point in talking about it here too.. I started today with some lemon in warm water. Something I thought was going to be strange but it turns out it wasn't so bad!

My mind is so focused on getting this to work that there is no room for any other thoughts, haha! And I also have a Mexico trip to look forward to in March. My poor body needs to get in some kind of shape or this girl is walking around in a big sheet the whole trip! Now, I know my ultimate goal is to be healthy, not skinny... but going to Mexico is making me so aware of how I look and the thoughts of me putting on a bikini among many of our friends is making my stomach a little weak...

I can only say that this will work...

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The blood type diet

A word from another world
For about three years I have been living on a LCHF diet. In other words; low carb high fat - a typical Atkins diet... but I have been doing worse and worse on it without understanding why at all... I mean it is the same diet as the superstars are eating, right!?! Why didn't it work on me??

Then I got the book Eat Right for Your Type - talking about eating according to your blood type, something that sound so absurd at a first glance, but now I am starting to think that this is what I need...  But have no idea.

For all of this time I have trained my brain that bread and grains are terrible bad for you, and that you need to eat meat, meat, meat... Something that I have enjoyed even though I have been longing for the potato, pasta, and bun on the burger.

Now, I have learned that my blood type is A
A blood type that for their own good should be a vegetarian, according to this theory! Vegetarian - me???!! I have never even tasted tofu or soy milk!

Today after writing a very long list with names of food I have no idea what it is even, I went to the grocery store to try to figure it all out. I felt I was in a different country completely without a map or compass! But on the other hand a map would have done me no good since I don't even know where I am going...

I think you can tell I am confused... even though it is starting to make sense to me I still have about a million of questions visiting my brain every second. I am starting to understand that the Atkins diet works so well for so many simply because there are more Type O people out there. They don't have to worry about their blood type...

But even though I am still confused and really have to learn things over again I am hopeful and I am ready to through myself in this with my entire body and soul. There is no time to waste doing it half, because if this is not going to work I will notice it faster and IF IT WILL work I will notice it too... and that is what I am really hoping for.

I am going to use this blog to write about my journey, all the new foods I will try, and also about the struggle on how to cook for two different people; I am a type A and hubs is a type O - the complete opposite! I am a very bad cook in the first place so sticking to recipes will be a must for me... If you have been through this journey I would love to hear your input.

Hoping for a great 2011!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

I am writing you all an electronic Christmas letter this year because I forgot to mail it out to those of you who normally receive one – however, this is a more environmental friendly way of doing it and we all have to cheer for that, right. And I can reach so many more of you!

This year as been a big year for Paul and I. We have accomplished a lot and have asked more questions than someone would consider normal. On December 1st we bought our first two houses that we now rent out. I must say it feels very strange to own two houses yet not live in any of them. Much of our spare time this year as been spent learning about real estate investing and we are happy to see our hard work paying off. Now we just have to continue to grow and nurture it to make it into something bigger.

Next year we will most likely start hunting for a house that are for us, because we grew out of our one bedroom apartment a long time ago. And it would be nice to have a room for guests when they come and visit too.

We have enjoyed some trips this year: Last Christmas holiday we spent together in Sweden and loved being able to snowboard in the Norwegian mountains. In April we went to Orlando, Florida and spent much time with Paul’s favorite pastime – Golfing. We also visited Universal Studios, something I really enjoyed even though I got sick to my stomach after the Hulk roller coaster.

Trysil Norway Winter 2009

Golfing in Florida Spring 2010
Over the summer my sister visited and we took her to Baltimore and Washington DC for a few days, along with some day trips here and there. Having visitors from home is not something you get spoiled with when living on the other side of the pond; so every moment is treasured!

Sister and Paul in Baltimore Harbour
 I went to my first American Halloween party this year; it was an 80’s theme and I had only a day to figure out what I was going to do (also called procrastination) so I decided to do Flashdance. I was happy there was a bonfire at the party or I would have frozen my a** off! Unfortunately Paul was not able to attend, maybe next year?!

Flashdance for the 80's Themed Party
 Thanksgiving we spent at the Owen’s as usual. And as usual it is an amazing day and night with much laughter, great people, and very good food. It is like Christmas for my dear Hubs and to make it even better our first snow of the season fell that morning making it a tiny bit better.

Happy Thanksgiving
 This year’s Christmas holiday we are spending it apart. I am in Sweden and Paul is back home. Not the ultimate set up I have to admit, and I hope it does not have to be this way ever again. With the tax credit to home owners getting their house more efficient as far as energy, climate control, and water, Paul has been busy the whole fall with getting this done before the new year, without any chance of getting time off. All I can hope for is that he gets a good rest with the few extra days he will have off during the holidays.

As most of you know, my health has been a little rocky and I am planning to start off the New Year trying both Nutrition response testing (Kinesiology) and the Blood type diet as a new step in finding a way back to good health. I am very hopeful and know I will learn a lot more about myself and about health in general going through this process.

2011 will be an adventurous year it feels like, and I am looking forward to all the challenges it will bring. I hope to grow as a person, business owner, wife, and friend, and I also hope to learn more about holistic health and real estate investing.

A picture from my childhood bedroom window... it is really cold here right now!
 I wish all of you out there a wonderful holiday no matter what kind of them you celebrate and I hope you feel hopeful about the New Year.

Much love